San Antonio Estate

Richard DeVerteuil represents the 3rd generation of the family taking care of the 110 acres of land, 75 of which are cultivated with True Trinitario varieties as old as 70 years. The exquisite taste of the San Antonio True Trinitario beans is compounded by the variety of other fruit trees and crops planted on the estate. While large parts of the fine or flavour cacao industry used agrochemicals in order to increase yields, Richard has been “organically organic” for more than 20 years at the helm of the estate. He is a cancer survivor and he knows what chemicals can do to the body. He took a stance against chemicals long before it was en vogue. At the San Antonio Estate, innovation is a built-in feature as Richard and his Team constantly focus on improvements through education on newest farming practices, post-harvest improvement and general quality standards. You simply can not beat the results of somebody doing what he or she loves.

Highest quality through standardized post-harvest practices

Our cacao beans follow a strict quality protocol, which has been developed by The University of the West Indies Cocoa Research Center and received the local Quality Certificate. Our beans are fermented in untreated cedar-wood boxes and turned in regular, standardized intervals in order to ensure ideal flavour development. Subsequently, the beans are sun-dried on cedar boards under controlled conditions to avoid the development of fungus and off-flavours. We store all of our fermented and dried beans (between 6-7% moisture content) in GrainPro bags and ensure they are tamper-proof. All these aspects preserve the unique flavours and guarantee that our clients received the highest possible, organic certified cacao beans from the twin isle Republic. Our flavour profile is based in predominantly brown and red fruit flavours, as well as sometimes spicy and floral notes.

In order to keep our quality and transparency promise we regularly conduct laboratory tests to inspect the microbiological and nutrient composition of our beans. These independently verified results are available to our clients on request. Furthermore, we plan on using the IBM Food Trust powered Blockchain technology to provide full transparency along the value chain for each batch produced on our partner farms. With that, we’ll be eliminating any blind spots in the quality and journey of our beans. Whatever the production and transparency requirements, we will meet your standard.

Our beans are low in cadmium, which is important for our customers around the world. The low cadmium level in the soils of Gran Couva ensures that our beans are meeting the stringent cadmium level requirements in all jurisdictions.