About Ubergreen Organics

At Ubergreen Organics, we’re passionate about cacao – specifically, we love sharing True Triniatario cacao with the world. Our organic-certified Fine or Flavor True Trinitario Cacao Beans keep everyone smiling, from consumers who taste the final product, to the farmers, chocolate makers and chocolatiers who work with us. We source only True Trinitario cacao beans from the land of its birth, Trinidad & Tobago.

Cacao tree with flowers
Cacao pods growing from trees

Our mission is to consistently source and supply the highest quality certified organic cacao beans in the Trinidad & Tobago to the finest chocolate makers in the world. But we go beyond just the promise of taste and quality. We plan on leveraging blockchain technology with our, upcoming crop to eliminate potential blind spots along our supply chain. With it, we'll be adding details about the origin and every aspect of our carefully selected cacao beans’ journey from farm to chocolate.

Ubergreen and True Trinitario Cacao Beans… What’s all the hype about?

In the 1800s, Trinidad & Tobago was the 3rd biggest cacao producer in the world. The fruity, nutty and sometimes floral flavours were highly revered by chocolatiers worldwide. However, social and economic factors dealt a severe blow to our cacao industry, and cacao farming in Trinidad & Tobago significantly declined from the mid-1900s onwards.

During the 1930s, research conducted at the Imperial College of Tropical Agriculture (ICTA) yielded increasingly disease-tolerant varieties. From that research, the Imperial College Selection (ICS) varietals were born. These True Trinitario varieties preserved the unique and globally sought-after flavours of the True Trinitario cacao bean, and these beans are still, several decades later, grown on our partner estates.

The original Trinitario varieties were distributed across the Caribbean and beyond, to be grown in the rich soils of colonies in the British Empire. Nowadays, several countries and companies produce and trade Trinitario Cacao. There are only a rare few, though, that can supply the certified organic True Trinitario Fine or Flavor Cacao from Trinidad & Tobago.

In order to celebrate the rebirth of a legend, the Ubergreen team has been working with the producers and key cacao stakeholders in Trinidad & Tobago. We assist farmers to preserve the unique potential of their beans. We also ensure compliance with the organic certifications, which is a core building block of our mission of sourcing only sustainably grown cacao beans. We also ensure consistent quality through pre and post-harvest estate training that ensures our cacao meets and exceeds the highest quality standards. We are diligently working to increase yield by rejuvenating our partner estates with the ancient genetic material, so the world can taste the history that we have been able to preserve.



organic certified by CERES  (TT-BIO-140)