Directly Sourced Organic True Trinitario Cacao

At Ubergreen, we’re dedicated to sourcing the finest True Trinitario cacao. We team up with sustainable, small scale local farms to deliver top quality cacao to you.

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We believe that cacao should be enjoyed responsibly

We’re strong believers in keeping a fully traceable and transparent supply chain. That’s why our cacao beans can be traced from your hands, right back to the hands that grew it.

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Grown by people who care deeply for preserving biodiversity

Our companion farms are small scale, and sustainable, and our cacao is harvested by people who care about the land that lays beneath their feet. Our cacao is handpicked and fermented in cedar boxes, and hand dried in the beautiful sunlight.

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Farmers with a fresh cacao harvest from San Antonio Estate

San Antonio Estate

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We Stand With Nature

Cacao is one of nature's greatest gifts for which we are eternally grateful. It's our mission to stay committed to fairness and transparency, and to preserve the biodiversity of the lands we walk upon.